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First step - The Learning Platform that Cares

We want you to experience learning like its the first time you discovered the computer. We want to ignite your curiosity and grit in your learning journey. 

Therefore, we are building an online learning platform, that caters to your learning speed. Moreover, we are giving the support of a mentor to guide you in your learning. And to top it all off, a community to motivate and celebrate each other progress and success.

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Second Step - Build a School That Excites You

School is a place most people dread. Therefore, we want to build a school that dread you going back home. 

A school that helps adults of all ages to learn programming, in a supportive, inclusive, safe and collaborative environment. 

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LearnCode² - Flutter Learning Platform

The go-to platform to learn Flutter, from a newbie to a pro. We're committed to providing you with the best personalised experience to help you gain confidence in your Flutter skills. We offer interactive project-based learning combined with videos explanation. 

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“In a nutshell, it's a course well worth taking. It's super beginners friendly. The instructor puts a lot of effort to make the content clear and easy to understand ”

— Washington Shoji
“First of all, hands off to the Instructor for making the course so lively and understandable. As a beginner, I didn't expect to understand the concept so well. Also, the assignments given have helped a lot to self-evaluate myself. Overall...a great experience!”

— Ash D
“He's fast, funny, and straight to the point.”

— Jeffrey Heisler


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